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I am Kristin, and as you can probably tell by now, I LOVE the sea. I love all sorts of travel and activities that would put me near, on, or IN the sea ūüėÄ This includes snorkeling, boating, hanging out on the beach, surfing, kayaking etc. And of course… DIVING! I do have a¬†full-time job, so it’s definitely possible to work and travel and dive!

I’m also super enthusiastic about sharing my passions, which is why I started this blog. Read about the fun things you can do, as well as some tips about diving and traveling.

I hope to inspire you to take some time to explore the incredibly beautiful seas around us. I also hope to share my love for the gorgeous oceans and rich diversity of life in the underwater world, and inspire you to volunteer and contribute to marine conservation efforts around the world.

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Keep Calm and Travel On!