Puerto Rico: Two Water Adventures

Marissa is a photography enthusiast based in Washington, D.C. She loves experiencing new and different things, and sharing her adventures, tips, and recommendations with her followers. In this post, read about two water activities she enjoyed when she visited Puerto Rico!

Guest Post by Marissa from Life As Marissa

Two Water Activities to Try in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is an outdoor-lover’s paradise. The U.S. territory has everything from beach lounging to zip lining to water activities – enough to spend all day every day outside and never get bored.

I spent my first trip to Puerto Rico taking in everything I could on the island. Here are two of my favorite activities, which both happened to be on the Caribbean’s radiant blue water.

Cruising in a Catamaran

The consistent recommendation I received from friends who had visited Puerto Rico was to cruise in a catamaran to some of the smaller islands offshore. I don’t know about you, but it doesn’t take much convincing to get me to hop on a luxurious boat in the tropics to visit pristine stretches of beach.

water activities puerto rico 6
Who could turn down an activity that makes people this happy?

Our destination was Icacos, a protected island and reef just off the east coast of Puerto Rico.

I leaned back and let the spray from the front of the boat cool my face during the 45-minute ride out of Fajardo. The 40 or so guests on the boat had ample room to spread out in the open front and back areas, along with the shaded seating inside.

Our first stop was near an Icacos beach, where catamaran guests could lounge in the fine sand and snorkel in the clear waters. The bartenders made sure nobody went thirsty with an endless supply of fruity Caribbean cocktails. We also enjoyed a lunch buffet of sandwiches and sides while we were docked.

water activities puerto rico
The life of leisure is the life for me.

After relaxing on the pristine beach for about an hour, we made our way to a nearby reef where all kinds of colorful fish played among the coral.

The dark reef beneath the bright blue water created a beautiful seascape.

water-activities puerto rico 5

The catamaran cruise might have been the most relaxing activity of our trip. I enjoyed not having to plan any part of the day except how I got to and from the boat. Everything else was taken care of, from drinks to food to water activities. In total the excursion lasted about half a day, plus our driving time to and from Fajardo. I am eager get back to Puerto Rico so I can do it again!

Planning your catamaran trip:

  • East Island Excursions
  • Cost: $75.00 per person. Transportation from San Juan, Condado and Isla Verde available for $16.00
  • Location: Fajardo, Puerto Rico
  • What’s included? The cruise, all food, beverages (including alcohol), and snorkeling equipment.

Surfing in Luquillo

I surfed for the first time in 2015 in Santa Cruz, California, and was immediately hooked. I had heard that Puerto Rico had some great surfing spots, so I knew I had to try it on my trip.

We arrived in Luquillo, a sleepy surf town on the east side of the island, for our two-hour lesson with ‘Surfing Puerto Rico’. It was a searing hot day, so most of us sprung for some official Surfing Puerto Rico gear to cover our shoulders (plus, it made us look more legit).

Before we knew it, our instructor had us practicing our ready-go-up poses on the beach in the hot sand.

water activities puerto rico 7
Image courtesy of Surfing Puerto Rico.

We made our way into the water to practice in the low surf. Some of our group were naturals and popped right up every time. Uncoordinated me struggled mightily, but eventually caught a couple waves into shore.

water activities puerto rico 1
I made it up! Image courtesy of Surfing Puerto Rico.

Surfing companies offer classes in multiple locations around the island (mostly along the north shore). We went with Surfing Puerto Rico and were not disappointed. It’s geared toward true beginners, with larger class sizes that practice in the smallest of waves. The instructors were knowledgeable, and they recorded everything, which was an added bonus!

Planning your surfing excursion:

  • Surfing Puerto Rico
  • Cost: $67/pp for a two-hour group lesson (about 16 people in our group)
  • Location: Luquillo, Puerto Rico
  • What’s included? Surf lesson by a local instructor, a team of support staff to assist surfers, and photos and video (posted to Facebook following the lesson).


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